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Jump Into Summer With a New Blender


It's about to start warming up in the northern hemisphere and after this wicked winter it's time to start thinking about fun ways to entertain. Remember all those friends and relatives you saw during the holidays? Well they can hardly remember you, so why not have them over this weekend? The kitchen is always the center for entertaining guests. Whether it's for dinner, brunch or anything in between, this is where the magic happens. Every occasion needs something to drink. The first essential upgrade you might consider for your humble abode is a new blender. Blenders aren't just for crushing ice anymore or for alcoholic beverages, although those can be fun too. Blenders on the market today are made for a variety of purposes. You want to get the most value for your money, the most bang for your buck and the best drinks for your efforts.


Try the at all times. You don't have to open a bar in your house but you do need quality tools. A top of line blender is the main tool in the arsenal. With all the trendy new cocktails on the bar scene today, stocking your kitchen can be a bit challenging. Try sticking to the basic spirits for traditional libations and adding a few flavored ones for a fun twist on old favorites. This is the perfect balance for a well-stocked drink collection. Don't forget blended teas for sober alternatives. You can search here for some suggestions on what to buy and have on hand for that full-scale summer soiree. Often a quality blender will come with some to try. Be creative, remember this isn't just crushing ice, don't be afraid to try new things.


One fun idea is to make the party all about your guests trying new things until someone makes the new drink for the day. With your new blender you no longer have to be on the rocks or straight up, offering a variety of mixers is a great way for your guests to create their favorite mixed drinks. Be sure to include the basics, along with your new blender try to have the other essentials on hand. Be sure to have a bottle opener, cocktail shaker or pitcher, corkscrew, cutting board and knife, drink stirrers, ice bucket and a jigger. You need to get value for money blender as much as possible.


Keep a dish towel on hand and have plenty of beverage napkins and coasters. So jump into summer and the hearts of your friends and family with whatever creation you conceive with your new blender. For more facts and info regarding blenders, you can go to